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Let’s talk about reading the Bible in context and why you should stop being a lazy reader Reagan K Reynolds

I grew up in church, but no one taught me *how* to read the Bible until I was an adult. Now, my mind has opened to incredible deep truths in scripture that I would have otherwise missed. Much of what we get out of the scriptures has to do with how we begin our reading. Most of us in the south have thick, leather-bound study Bibles with tiny little reference notes and scholarly introductions we never read or—if we do—it’s because we are distracted during a sermon that lost us at “hello.” Being an avid reader and a literary scholar, there is one thing I have learned about myself that is true for not all—but most. We don’t really retain what we read until we have to regurgitate it, and because most of us are not Bible teachers or scholars, this rarely applies to the content in those tiny print introductions inserted into our study Bibles (I feel like I just heard a hundred Bible scholars gasp… sorry guys). In this article, I share a little about the irony of growing up right down the street from a seminary but not being very Bible-literate myself, and I provide a free resource to help you get started reading any given passage in the Bible with the right context in mind. Read the full article here: Get your free Bible Reading Guide to Establish a Contextual Framework here:
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