Jesus & EMDR Therapy: A testimony of healing from post-traumatic stress disorder

I hope that this testimony encourages you to pause and look at Jesus. If you would like to know more about Jesus and the salvation that comes from making Him Lord over your life, my husband and I are more than willing to share the good news of Christ with you. We hardly have all the answers, but we would love nothing more than to encourage you to at least consider that the God of the Universe loves you and desires that you would walk the rest of your life in the light of His saving grace.

Five Ways to Love a Caretaker of Someone Living with Depression

Providing love and support to a spouse, family member, or close friend of someone living with depression is one way the church can love the body of Christ well and can intentionally minister to those who, like we did, are striving to survive depression without the incredible help of living with the acknowledgement of Christ’s great love and mercy for us.…

Five Ways to Love Someone Living with Depression

If you have never suffered from depression, it can be a difficult thing to understand. It is understandable for those who have never experienced depression themselves to grow frustrated and weary with their loved ones who may struggle with the condition. In this article, I offer five ways to love someone living with depression. Later this week, I will also share five ways to love their caretakers well.  …